Monday, October 24, 2011

The Artist’s Way: Week Five, Post Three

Most of the exercises for this week I found fun, while being very insightful.

For example: “If I had either faith or money I would try… List five desires.”

Why don’t you try out this one and see what you come up with? Some of my responses surprised me!

(Like buy a Harley Davidson—Really, it’s on my list.)
Or, how about this one: “If I were twenty and had money… List five adventures.”

(Drive across the U. S.)
Or, “If I were sixty-five and had money … List five postponed pleasures.”

(Own a cabin in the mountains)

But, there were a couple of exercises that stopped me in my tracks, like:

“The reason I can’t really believe in a supportive God is … List five grievances. (God can take it.)”

(I’m not good enough for His support.)
Or “Ten ways I am mean to myself are …”

(I doubt I have any useful talents.)
Or “My payoff for staying blocked is …”

(You can’t fail what you don’t start.)

However, the exercise that I’ve been thinking the most about is the “Wish List.” Here, you are supposed to list 20 wishes as fast as you can.

I could only come up with 8 before I was scrapping the barrel of lameness. I couldn’t think of anything! I actually wrote “I wish I had a balloon to ride.” Really, Liz? Your own personal balloon riding equipment? Since when?

I didn’t know that my imagination was so dismal that I couldn’t make a list of 20 things I’d wish for. Sad.

Can you do any better than eight?

I hope so!

UP NEXT: My Artist’s Date (pictorial review style)!


Hannah said...

I wish for:

* A job
* A trip to Europe
* A trip to Japan
* The power to clean my house with a snap of my fingers, Mary Poppins style
* The ability to cook without a recipe
* The diligence to make write everyday
* A trip to an English Manor where there would be a crime and I would solve it Miss Marple style. (Let's say it's a jewelry heist, because it feels wrong to wish for murder)
* A sewing machine
* The ability to sew clothes
* A big part in one blockbuster movie...just one so I could fade into obscurity again
* For all of my friends to live next door to me
* That Doctor Who? was real
* The ability to fly
* A Magic Wand. And Hogwarts. I would live at Hogwarts with my magic wand and my pet hippogriff Sal, and I'm the Charms teacher, but Flitwick just retired, nothing bad happened or anything. PEOPLE RETIRE.
* Also I can play the guitar.
* And time travel. But I guess that was already implied with the Doctor Who thing.
* And I'm really good at tennis.
* And bowling. I'm on a bowling team about to win the league championship in this wish.
* Is that twenty yet? After the Harry Potter wish the rest are kind of a let down.
* And a balloon to ride in. For real. That's a kick ass wish Liz, and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Hannah said...

Wow, it was only 17. That was surprisingly difficult.