Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hi, do you remember me?

So, despite my best intentions and efforts to make it otherwise, it seems that announcing my plans to the world of posting a weekly poem has crushed my creativity under the weight of fear.

Seriously folks, the well has run dry.

Even when I tell myself that I can write a poem and just not post it, I still clam up—or self-edit so greatly that my original idea becomes a bland piece of junk.

This has weighed heavily on my mind.

I want to improve. I want feedback. But, I’m not sure if a blog is the answer.

So, the next question becomes, what to do with it?

Should I morph it into something else?

I have been thinking of expanding the purpose of my blog from dealing only (or mainly) with poetry, to dealing with anything I do of a creative nature.

I mean, I do mixed media art, maybe I should post pictures of my latest work?

I participate in ATC (Artist Trading Cards). Maybe I should show you what series I’m working on?

I’m trying to get my freelance career started. Maybe I should give updates, and track my progress?

I’m starting to write another book. Maybe I should talk about that, and post some stuff?

Or, maybe I should just hit “delete blog” and be done with it?

I don’t know. I’m still thinking on it.

I only know that every time I announce something on a blog, I seem to lose interest it or feel a deep sense of crapdom.

What do you think that says about me?



Heather said...

I have loved reading this blog, so My vote (if it counts) is that you expand it to everything you do of a creative nature. I'd love to see pictures of your mixed media.I've always wanted to be able to do...well, pretty much anything creative...I have a great respect for those who can.

Rachel said...

I think it says that you're normal. It's terrifying posting something that you really care about and want people to give their honest opinion on.

I still think you should keep this a poetry blog, it's a good way to be accountable, but I like the idea of opening it up to other creative pursuits. At least you will be posting on something you're working on.