Monday, July 14, 2008

M.M.A. --Or, Mixed Media Artist (Not Mixed Martial Arts which is what pops up first if you google MMA.)

In an effort to keep this blog alive, I’m going to start posting on anything remotely creative I do. That way, I’m hoping this blog becomes less scary to me and I’ll be visited by the poetry muse again.

With that, I’ve finished it!

“Finished what?” you ask.

Katie’s birthday painting!

“But, Liz, wasn’t Katie’s birthday like 5 months ago?”

Yes. I’ve had some issues with it. But, I pressed forward and finished!

I gave it to her on Saturday, and of course, she was kind and gracious and said she loved it. (I’m taking her at her word even though she could just be sparing my feelings.)

Do you want to see some pictures?

Well, here you go!

Now, for those of you with a birthday coming up, guess what you’ll be getting!!!


(I’ve planned a cruise through Asia in a year and a half, and I need to save all the money I can. So, you’re all getting a painting, or a birthday “High Five.” Take your pick!)

So when it’s your birthday, this is what I need you to tell me:

1. What colors do you want? Be specific, and if possible, give me an example. Don’t just say “blue” (unless you really don’t care).

2. What theme(s) or idea(s) would you like to be included? You know, maybe you want one with fairies, or trolls (if you’re Brett), or love, or freedom, or birds, or houses, or reading. Stuff like that.

Oh, and if you had a birthday already this year, and would like one, let me know!

And if you’re interested in what I used to make this painting, here is a list of some of the materials:

Acrylic paints
Oil pastels
Watercolor pencils
Charcoal pencils
Shimmery stuff
Metal brads
Paper (all different kinds)
Olden days writing and images
Mod Podge
Gel medium


Heather said...

Oh, Liz, it's beautiful! I'm so impressed!

Tammy said...

you have done a wonderful job !
I really like the shading you did. The composition has great fluidity to it. I really enjoy mixed media pieces. The different textures and colors give it depth. I love it!
I am excited for my birthday to come !

Rachel said...

Having seen it live and in person I can vouch that it is beautiful. Katie wasn't just being kind.

Um...August 17th, and anything you would like to do would be great, in any color with any theme.

Ms. Liz said...

Liz - Its breathtaking. Serious. its even triangulated. It has movement and balance which isn't easy. It makes me want to sing.

My birthday is Aug 9th and I'm a fan of the blue green purple spectrum with a healthy amount of coral to balance things out but anything you want to do would be welcomed and loved dearly by me.

Hannah said...

Liz. Can we trade and I'll be you and you be me? Please? Short of that, my birthday is July 23, I am for some reason all about birds right now, reading would also be a cool theme, I like blues and yellows, and I love you.

Amanda said...

Amazing! You are so talented. I second Hannah's thought that you could just be me for awhile. Is there a 'Liz pill' out there that could just help me tap into a little bit of creativity. I don't have any of my own, but would not mind stealing some from someone else. Liz, I promise that I didn't steal your poetry mo-jo. I've got nothing in that department.

Laura said...

I want to see it up close and personal! I already had a birthday, but I'd still love one - you can wait til next year though since it looks like you'll be pretty bombarded!

I think I want one about cake.

Katie said...

As I said in person, when you presented it to me, it's a beautiful present! I love it! I was going to put it up in my bedroom, becuase it matches so perfectly, but I think it needs a prominent place in the living room. Thanks so much!

Liz W. said...

Yay! I'm so excited for all the birthday's coming up!! (But, keep in mind that it took me 5 months to complete Katie's. I'm not planning on taking that long, but still, it might not be on your doorstep come birthday morning.)

I've started on Hannah's, Liz's, and Rachel's. And it's interesting how different they are. Hmm...

And Laura, once I'm through with these, I want to make one for you. So think colors!

themayerfamily said...

I saw it in person! Holy guacamole! It is sooo wonderful. Wow!

Amanda said...

Holy guacamole? I haven't heard that in a decade.

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

oh yeah, you don't know me, I found your blog from a comment on Rachel's blog, who made a comment on Jenny's blog, or Redhoteyebrows, who is my DIL. Just so you don't think I am some sort of stalker. . . I don't usually comment on stranger's blogs, but I couldn't help myself. I am putting you on my blogroll. I am very interested in your art work.
bday=Dec 1 I love garden stuff and birds, in blues, greens with yellow or orange accents
But seriously, I would trade something or make you something if you would like to exchange. I love your art! I was an art major in college, but never finished. I can sew stuff. . .I have some pottery I made, would you like to trade? :D

You're talent is impressive.

Whimsies Folksies said...

Very pretty collage! LOVE it! See you over at Suzi Blu's! ~Joann