Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Artist’s Way: Week Three, Post Four

The Check-In:

1. I did my Morning Pages 7 days this week. Hooray!  My first time at 100%.  I’m feeling pretty good about it.  I wouldn’t say it’s a habit, but it’s definitely not a struggle.

2. I took my Artist’s Date and once again had a fab time. (More to follow down below.)

3. In regards to experiencing any synchronicity, I will say that I was hesitant to go on this particular Artist’s Date because I wasn’t really sure if I could count it as such (though I always find it inspiring).  But, once I entered and saw a particular thing (which you will see down below), I knew that it was the right call.  So, was that synchronicity?  Maybe?

4. No issues really came up for me that I felt were significant for my recovery.  Well, I did avoid doing the exercises for a long time (and only completed a few of them).  This lack of a memory thing bothers me.  So, is that an issue?  Maybe?

Now, on to my Artist Date recap!

I decided to go somewhere that is one of my favorite places.  I gave myself a strict budget of $20.  And I stuck with it (for the first 15 minutes).  By the time I left, I spent the $20 times two and times that amount by two again.  Sigh.

Here’s some pictures.  Can you guess where I went?

I took close-ups of some of these paintings because they were so awesome!

Can't you just imagine me snuggled in this chair with a good book?

Alright.  Here's a big clue! Any ideas on where I went?

Here it is! Did you guess the right place?

So, what did I buy?  Well, I'm glad you asked!

When I saw this bottle, with the Hula Girl on it, I knew it was meant to be! Remember my first Artist Date?

Why, yes! I'd love to be inspired 365 days a year! And this sign surely guarantees it. Right?

Hi! I'm Liz's inner critic, Claire. I think all she writes belongs on the bottom of someone's shoe.

I know this kit works. I've already told them all about my fears of becoming a hobo, and I feel better already!

When writing gets too tough, and I feel like I just can't lift another metaphor,  Hugo reminds me that I can. And that I better make it snappy!

If I feel like the Inspiration Fairies have flown the coop or staged a coup, I can now put on my own wings!

So, as you can see, I purchased all necessary items as every responsible adult should do.  

Now, use your imagination: See me sitting at my desk with wings on the back of my chair, Inspiration 365 sign hanging in front of my window (covering the oh-so-pretty dumpster view), Hugo the Strong Man cornering Claire the Inner Critic, and my Worry Dolls absorbing all my, well, worries.  With all this support, how could I NOT be a successful writer/painter/creative life-maker. Right!?

UP NEXT: Week Four!

P. S. And lest you think I forgot, here's a picture of the next stage of my Artist's Way Painting.

"Hey, Liz, what'd you do?" Well, I tore up some of my Morning Pages and glued them on! 

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Laura said...

I LOVE that store! So many little gems. I especially love all the yummy snacks and the Christmas ornaments they have. I'm going to have to look for some cool (and cheap) art there for our place...unless I can get a Liz Wolfe original someday!!