Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Artist’s Way: Week Three, Post One

Week three is about Recovering a Sense of Power.

You see, the more we let go of our previously accepted limits, and the more we counter our negative beliefs with positive affirmations, the more we step into our own power.

Do you feel very powerful in your life?

Do you feel like you have a lot of possibilities?

Are you letting fear hold you back?

Are you using anger as a tool like you should?

What? Anger as a tool?

Did I get you with that last question?

In this chapter, anger is the first thing Julia talks about. Her views on anger completely blew my mind! (And frankly, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.)

Let me give you some quotes so you can see what I mean, and form your own opinions: 
This is how I feel on the inside!
“Anger is Fuel. We feel it and we want to do something… But we are nice people, and what we do with our anger is stuff it, deny it, bury it, block it, hide it, lie about it, medicate it, muffle it, ignore it. We do everything but listen to it” (p. 61).
I’ll admit, I’ve done everything but listen to my anger. In fact, I’ve never even thought about listening to my anger. Have you?

“Anger is meant to be listened to. Anger is a voice, a shout, a plea, a demand. Anger is meant to be respected. Why? Because anger is map. Anger shows us what our boundaries are. Anger shows us where we want to go” (p. 61).
Wow, right!? You’ve never thought about anger that way, have you? Me neither.

“Anger is meant to be acted upon. It is not meant to be acted out … With a little thought, we can usually translate the message that our anger is sending us” (p. 61).
I’ve been angry recently. I told myself that it’s because of my boring job, my cramped living arrangements, my student loans being due, my blah blah blah. But in all honesty, I’m really angry at myself. That’s why it stings so badly.

“Anger is a tool, not a master … Anger is not the action itself. It is action’s invitation” (p. 62).
So, if my anger is an invitation, what’s it an invitation to do?

What action am I supposed to take?

This is what I’ve been asking myself this week. It’s what I’ve been writing about in my morning pages. It’s why I’ve become consumed with reading blogs, magazines, and books about change, passion, and taking a leap.

I think my anger is telling me that I need to be brave, and that’s something I don’t want to hear.

But, I’m listening now.

And I’m grateful for the message.

UP NEXT: Synchronicity. Do you see it in your life?

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