Monday, November 14, 2011

AEDM: Day Fourteen!

I started with a weathered handwritten background on cream paper.

I added a rich red ribbon all around it.  Then I cut out three butterflies and added those.

I love the 3-D aspect of the card, and overall, it reminds me of a Victorian butterfly collection (even though I'm not a big fan of pinning actual butterflies to a board).

I'm really liking the cream and red color combo and I think I'm going to experiment some more with it!


Julie Jordan Scott said...

This is gorgeous! Wouldn't it be grand to receive a card that looked like this! (Delightful!)

I am grateful I popped by here today. Thank you for commenting on my blog!

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin said...

I like the way the wings pop up off the page and they look realistic!